Class Representatives 2015-16 School Year

To ensure that all parents/guardians have a fair chance at being a Class Representative please:

Submit a completed Name Advancement Form (There will be a Class Representatives bin in the office on the first day of school.)
Email your Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Child(ren)’s Room Number, Teacher’s Name, to Colette Kim, the Class Rep Coordinator.

FIRM DEADLINE: Friday, September 11, 2015

Class Representatives will be informed of their class by email by the end of Week 2.

If your name is not drawn as the Class Rep, please consider contacting your Class Rep to take on a specific duty and/or volunteering for the many other positions at Allenby. See “Get Involved.”.

If you would like more information, please contact Colette Kim, APA Class Representative Coordinator for 2015/16.

Criteria at a Glance

  • Class Representative must be the legal guardian of the Allenby student.
  • Maximum two Class Representatives per class unless teacher desires otherwise.
  • One class per family unless there are no other volunteers.
  • Classes with more than two on-­time form submissions will be selected by a draw.

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