Chairs’ Message

On behalf of the APA, we’d like to welcome everyone back to what is sure to be another great year at Allenby!

The APA will continue it’s focus on student safety through the 2017/2018 school year. As we all get ready for the first day of school, it is a good time to review our Traffic Management Plan. This plan has been developed to reduce traffic congestion in the vicinity of the school and make student drop off/pick up as safe and as efficient as possible. Parents are encouraged to plan their trip to school in accordance with the traffic rules in our school zone and are reminded of the following:

  • Use active and sustainable modes of transportation as much as possible.
  • Left turns and straight throughs are now permanently prohibited at the Castlefield and Avenue Road intersection.
  • We have established a Drop Zone program for our Grade 1 to Grade 6 students:
    • Drivers heading East in the morning should use the south side of St. Clements as their preferred Drop Zone.
    • Drivers heading West in the morning should use the north side of Castlefield as their preferred Drop Zone.
    • A Traffic Monitor will help children out of the car if you choose to use the Drop Zone. Children should be ready to exit the vehicle with their backpacks on their laps. Traffic Monitors can not unbuckle seat belts.
    • Children using the Drop Zone will be escorted into the playground. Students in grades 4 to 6 may walk by themselves to the playground. We kindly ask that parents DO NOT park in designated Drop Zone areas.
  • Parking is still permitted on the north side of St. Clements and the south side of Castlefield and other areas outside of school zone.
  • Show respect to your fellow community members and the parents of the children at our school. Honking and shouting is a terrible way to start the day and doesn’t help solve traffic congestion issues.

Drop Zone will be starting on Wednesday September 6th (for Grade 1-6 students) and we will once again be asking each class to help with Drop Zone for two weeks each this year. This year’s Drop Zone Schedule can be found here. Parents in Room 112 can volunteer here.

We are also in need of a Drop Zone Co-ordinator. Responsibilities include scheduling Drop Zone volunteers and overseeing the Drop Zone Program. If you are interested please contact Lisa Parker.

We are looking forward to a safe and congestion free school zone in 2017/2018!

The APA Team