Chair’s Message

This year, the APA committed $5,500 to Physical Education to create a joint budget with the school of $11,000. The school had identified a need for recess equipment and it was agreed that part of the joint Physical Education budget would be directed towards purchases of recess equipment. The plan was to keep all of the new equipment in outside storage for easy access and clean up at recess (and less “stuff” in classrooms).

  • The first step was to replace the cement storage shed as the door on that shed was too heavy and unsafe for use by the students. Over the winter, we purchased re-purposed shipping container that has an easy to use roll up door. We’ve named it the Lion’s Den and hope to have a mural painted on it sometime soon. It is situated on the North Side of the playground, near the four square grids.
  • The second step was to purchase the new recess equipment. Principal O’Toole has done so and we are eagerly awaiting its arrival!
  • The third step will be to organize the Lion’s Den such that all of the equipment has it’s own place, is efficiently stored, and can be easily accounted for. This is where we are looking for help.

If you have or know of someone who has expertise in organization and storage, please consider contacting me to help with this project. We’re envisioning a safe, neat and tidy Lion’s Den with shelves, bins, hooks and containers.

Lisa Parker