Chair’s message

This week, Principal O’Toole received a note from Mike Colle, Eglinton Lawrence MPP, asking that we pass along information, and rally support for his Private Member’s Bill, the School Safety Zones Act, 2016. According to MPP Colle, the School Safety Zones Act proposes standardized lighting, signage and road markings that would enable motorists to easily identify when they are entering a school zone. MPP Colle’s correspondence can be accessed here.

Allenby’s School Zone is currently marked with a sign indicating a reduced speed limit and flashing lights. However, we know from historical statistics that motorists are still travelling between 58km/h and 65km/h in our 40 km/h zone. We will support MPP Colle’s Bill 90, but we will also continue to work with our City Councillor, Toronto Police Services and Transportation Services to reduce speeds and increase enforcement on our stretch of Avenue Road.

All parents can help by signing MPP Colle’s petition of support for Bill 90 and by emailing letters of support to our Ministers of Transportation, Finance and Education using the attached template.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Have a great March Break!
Lisa Parker