Byte-Sized #8

So it is that time of the year again, where we start to consider Smartboard (and other tech purchases) for the next year. Once again, potential teacher-candidates are judged on their commitment to learn how to fully use these new tools. But wait: where are all those Smartboards that we have already installed? Here is the list.

005 Ms. Timofte

111 Ms. Levitt

112 Ms. Payne

113 Ms. Vangou

114 Ms. McGee

202 Mr. Intini

205 Mr. Hussain

208 Mr. Roberts

209a Ms. Sherman

210 Ms. Segal

211 Ms. Alberti

214 Ms. Linka

215 Mr. Osborne

Library Ms.Calvieri

004 Ms. Smith (still
waiting for installation)

Rooms 102, 103, 107
Ms. Marshall, Ms. Zuill,
Mr. Philpott:  Rover to share

Rooms 108a, 110, 108b
Ms. Alvarez, Ms. Kanarek, Ms. Duncan: Rover to share

Coming in March to an APA meeting near you:  Tech Night! Come and see what some of our teachers/classes are doing with some of the stuff purchased over the last few years. More details to follow.