Byte-Sized #11

As we all know, space at Allenby comes at a premium. There are currently two computer labs in the school: one in the library and one in room 201. With the increasing demand for classrooms that comes with ever-higher numbers of enrolled kids from our neighbourhood, room 201 will be returned to its original classroom use. The computers will be distributed among the classes and there will no longer be a dedicated IT period (IT will be taught by homeroom teachers). As always, the computer lab in the library remains available to be booked by any teacher.

And now for something completely different: at the last meeting, the APA approved the purchase of 4 roving SMART Boards (the school will purchase a fifth), document cameras, and 10 iPads. In addition, there are motions to purchase up to 20 additional iPads at the next meeting (after the Fun Fair, when there is a clearer picture of our finances). The SMART Board roll out continues to those teachers willing to learn how to use them via the staff mentoring program and the document cameras build on the SMART Boards’ capabilities. With the success of the Netbook unit purchased last year, the iPads expand the 1:1 computer initiative with greater flexibility for use among the younger kids.

The motion to purchase a screen for a high-visibility location in the school to display kids’ art and school announcements was defeated.

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