Heritage Month & Days of Significance

The TDSB is proud to recognize important days of significance throughout the school year including a number of heritage and history months. TDSB Committees, made up of community members, Trustees, and staff are in place for many of these to plan activities that celebrate the month and our diverse TDSB community.

TDSB recognizes the month of April as the following:

1) Hispanic Heritage Month

By proclaiming the month as Hispanic Heritage Month in Ontario, the province recognizes the rich contributions of Hispanic-Canadians to our social economic, political and multicultural fabric. Hispanic Heritage Month is an opportunity to remember, celebrate and educate future generations about the outstanding achievements and contributions of Hispanic people in the province.

Learn more about Hispanic Heritage Month here.

2) Latin America History Month

This year the theme to mark Latin America History Month is (Decolonizing) Latin America History Month & Beyond: Honouring & Uplifting the Real Hxstories and Multiplicities of Our Identities. 

The “x” in HXStories was purposefully chosen to decentre patriarchal HIStories and tell our multiple stories – historical, lived, and living. The X is intended to reflect the many distinct identities, struggles, and intersectionalities as an inclusive and progressive term. In alignment with the theme, this year the focus is on centring, honouring and uplifting our real hxstories, both pre-colonial, and the realities of present-day due to colonization.

During the month of April, several activities are being planned for students, staff, and community members. We invite everyone to the Latin America History Month virtual launch on April 13th.

Learn more about Latin America History Month here.

3) Sikh Heritage Month

The TDSB became the first school board in Canada to designate April of each year as Sikh Heritage Month. This designation matches the recognition by the Province of Ontario that proclaimed the Sikh Heritage Month Act in December 2013, and the recognition proclaimed by the Government of Canada on April 30, 2019. Sikh Heritage Month is recognized nationally across Canada.

This year the theme is Kes. Kes is one of the five Kahaars, indicators that Sikh individuals must acknowledge as part of their faith. The five Kakaars are five sacred articles of faith prescribed by Guru Gobind Singh Ji. They are also known as the ‘Five Ks’ because each one starts with letter K representing Kakka in the Punjabi language.

We invite everyone to join the Sikh Heritage Month virtual launch on April 12th to recognize the contributions of Sikh Canadians. Join us for a remarkable morning of information and celebration.

Learn more about Sikh Heritage Month here.

Days of Significance

To learn more about upcoming Days of Significance, as from the TDSB Calendar:

If students, staff, or families wish to share additional resources, personal narratives, or upcoming events, please don’t hesitate to email Faith and Adeeba at AllenbyDEI.