The APA needs volunteers!

If you read the Chair’s message, hopefully it is clear that the APA is in need of volunteers!! We’re looking to fill a number of key roles including:

  • Ward 8 Representative
  • Chair/Co-Chairs, Fall Fundraiser (Sept – Nov)
  • Chair/Co-Chairs, Lip Sync (Dec – Feb)
  • Chair/Co-Chairs, Fun Fair (Feb – June)
  • Baseball Coordinator(s) (Feb – June)
  • Director of Fundraising (oversee fundraising partnerships, serve as liaison for event Chairs)
  • Amilia Coordinator (work behind the scenes to program event and activity registrations)

Finally, the big ones – APA Co-Chair/Co-Vice-Chair. As you may know, I (Kristyn) am retiring as Co-Chair when my term is up at the end of September. Simply put, the APA cannot run without one or more individuals in this role. You likely know there’s a time commitment for the Chair(s) but you may not see the other side of the role – the community building, the friendships, and the fun (yes, it can be fun!). The earlier someone volunteers, the more time there is to transition to new leadership.

If you’re interested in any of these volunteer opportunities or would like to learn more about how you can help out, please email me.