Photographer Needed | Virtual Gallery: Allenby Graduate Murals

Every year, graduating grade six students collaborate with local artists to brighten a school hallway or classroom to commemorate their time at Allenby.

This year, grade six students each painted a ceramic tile that will be fired and hung as a mosaic. During the pandemic, graduates created a collection of paintings inspired by an indigenous artist’s teachings of the woodland style, that today hangs in the library. A few years before that, students worked with a local artist to complete the large mural of a lion across the hall from the school office.

Next time you are at Allenby, try to find an art project by a graduating class; a small plaque should be nearby to commemorate the work.

Virtual Gallery 

We plan to create a virtual art gallery on the APA website with photographs of each of the grade six grad art projects from years past. The gallery will allow parents and community members to appreciate the artwork of former Allenby students online, without needing to visit the school.

Proud of your photography skills? Interested in collaborating on the virtual art gallery? Please contact Beau at

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