Visiting the School/Volunteering in the School

Policies Regarding Visitors/Volunteers

  • All adult visitors must report to the office upon entering the building.
  • Visitors and volunteers must sign in and out of the visitor’s log and wear a visitor’s badge.
  • Students are to report immediately to the office or nearest known adult if they see strangers in the school or on the playground.
  • Parents are to meet their children in the office if they have an appointment during the day.
  • Parents/guardians are to drop off/pick up their children outside the building at entrance and dismissal times. Teachers will make parents/guardians aware of the closest outside areas where they can meet their children (Kindergarten parents please refer to the letters from your classroom teacher).


Parents and community members are encouraged to participate in volunteer activities at Allenby that support programs and services and help students succeed.  Volunteers are an important part of our school and we encourage all parents to get involved.

Here are some ways you can help in your child’s classroom or school:

  • Reading with students who need extra help
  • Arts and crafts activities
  • Arranging material in the library
  • Supervising students on field trips
  • Collecting community materials for a classroom project
  • Participate in meetings and activities of the APA

Those who wish to volunteer in the school, with students on more than one occasion must complete a Police Reference Check (which will include a vulnerable sector screening) and be cleared before they can tutor/mentor in any TDSB location or participate in activities with students.  The process can be completed by contacting the school office or using this process.

Volunteers are reminded of the following:

  • Respect the confidentiality of all information pertaining to students and teachers.
  • Share with the principal or vice principal any concerns brought forward by a child about their own safety.  One may not feel comfortable about reporting suspicions that a child is, or may be in need of protection, but it is a legal obligation of every Ontario resident to report these suspicions to a Children’s Aid Society (C.A.S.)

Thank you in advance for your commitment to Allenby students!