Halloween Scavenger Hunt – Oct 29th & Allergy Awareness

The APA Health and Wellness Committee will be celebrating Halloween with our annual Scavenger Hunt!

Date: October 29th (October 30th rain day)
Details: Gather your family and friends; roam the neighbourhood and find the items on the list – See the list in October 28th newsletter!

A note on allergies:

Halloween is a fun and exciting time to dress up in fun or scary costumes, carve pumpkins, do the Allenby Scavenger Hunt…and then, of course, go trick-or-treating!

It is also typically a time to indulge in yummy treats and when rules about sugar consumption go out the door. But not all treats are safe for all children. Some treats are dangerous and even deadly.

This Halloween is a perfect time for our community to brush up on allergy awareness.

Almost 500,000 Canadian children under 18 years have food allergies. Peanut allergy in Canada affects about 2 in 100 children, requiring an EpiPen (Food allergy Canada, 2022).

For families who do not have allergies, it may be difficult to understand the worry that comes with having a child with a severe life threatening allergy. It is a daily concern. It can also make fun occasions a source of anxiety.

Here are some for keeping everyone in our community healthy and safe this Halloween:

  • Ask classmates if they have any allergies so you can be informed (Better to be safe than sorry)
  • Be mindful of packing or distributing products that contain some of the top allergens: peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, milk, egg
  • Look for products that are labeled “free from allergens”, “allergy free” (suggested brands: Made good, Freeyum, Allergy smart, Enjoy life, YumEarth)
  • Be aware of products that say “May contain.” Look for products that say “free” or “made in a facility that doesn’t manufacture nuts”
  • Paint a pumpkin Teal! Join Food allergy Canada by setting out a Teal pumpkin/Teal pumpkin picture. This lets families know you are ONLY giving out allergy safe treats.

  • Consider these safe alternatives (that will also save you a visit to the dentist): pencils, erasers, stickers, playdoh, colouring sheets, stamps/buttons, crayons etc.

For more information about allergy safety, please visit Food Allergy Canada.

We wish you a safe and happy Halloween!

Caroline and Rachelle
The APA Health and Wellness Committee