Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,

Last year a number of Allenby staff took an extensive online course, alongside me, through Stanford University on Growth Mindset and The Teaching of Mathematics. The course not only affected their own teaching of math but lead to discussions on how to share this with colleagues across the school.

While Allenby families were enjoying the first day of summer, some of the teachers who took the course were sharing their learning with the entire staff and this week all grades, all classes participated in a week of Inspirational Math for the first full week of school.

Students were engaged in open-ended, rich problems, discussing the learning that takes place when we make mistakes and challenging themselves finding the question, not the answer or many answers.

The work that we did this week will be the foundation of the work that we will do this year in mathematics.

To find out more ask your children about what math class was like this week or check out Allenby’s twitter feed (if you haven’t already) to see some of the work done in classes this week in math class.

Tracey O’Toole