Health and Wellness

The Health and Wellness committees support the school in creating a healthy environment for students. Focus is placed on charitable giving, caring community, eco-initiatives, mindfulness & mental health and nutrition.

Director – Amanda Cooke

Charitable Giving

This committee helps organize any charitable activities undertaken by teachers and charitable organizations. It is responsible for organizing and implementing any charitable activities such as food and clothing drives and fundraising related to special relief efforts.

Charitable Liaison Coordinator – Amber Christie

Caring and Safe Schools Committee

The APA supports initiatives designed to improve the physical safety of students. In addition, we promote ways to facilitate respect and empathy, and to cope with peer pressure issues.

Caring Community Coordinator –

Schoolwide Lice Checks

We’d like to stress that there is no stigma to having lice and anyone can get it. It is however very important to stress to parents that if their kids do have lice, it’s necessary to let the school know and make sure that their child is checked at the office before they go back to school.

Nit Works has provided us with some very interesting information on lice: Nit Works Facts of Lice.

We are fortunate at Allenby to have the services of Nit Works to conduct lice checks on all students (except those whose parents have indicated otherwise on the consent form). Lice checks happen three times a year during high risk times (after summer vacation, winter break and March break). Parents are asked to send students to school with “easy to check” hair (loose or simple pony tail). Volunteers are always appreciated to help escort students to and from the inspection location.

Lice Check Coordinator –  Amanda Cooke

Mental Health and Mindfulness

A key priority of the school, the APA supports efforts to introduce and educate our students on Mental Health and Mindfulness. Students participate in at least one period a week devoted solely to this topic and the APA is recruiting parents to share their own insights and expertise on Mental Health and Mindfulness.

Mental Health and Mindfulness Coordinator – Amanda Cooke

Covid Working Group

This group acts as an advisory group to the school administration in matters pertaining to Covid and safe return to school.  Local issues, parent views and concerns related to Covid and school occurrences are discussed.

Covid Working Group Coordinator – Amanda Cooke