Visiting the School

Policies Regarding Visitors/Volunteers

  • All adult visitors must report to the office upon entering the building.
  • Visitors and volunteers must sign in and out of the visitor’s log and wear a visitor’s badge.
  • Students are to report immediately to the office or nearest known adult if they see strangers in the school or on the playground.
  • Staff is to inform the office immediately if a student reports seeing someone suspicious.
  • Staff must take the student to the office to give a description of the stranger.
  • Police may be notified.
  • Parents of students involved in an incident will be notified immediately.
  • Staff is to be continually on the alert for unauthorized visitors. If a stranger is seen, they can offer assistance or report immediately to the office.
  • Students are to go to the washroom in pairs and must stay together until back in the classroom.
  • Parents are to meet their children in the office if they have an appointment during the day.
  • Parents/guardians are to drop off/pick up their children outside the building at entrance and dismissal times. Teachers will make parents/guardians aware of the closest outside areas where they can meet their children.
  • Kindergarten parents please refer to the letters from your classroom teacher.

The school will periodically conduct lock-down drills. Lock-down is used in case of an intruder entering school property. During lock-down, school staff lock themselves and students in school rooms, accounting for every student and staff member. By practicing lock-down, students are taught to remain calm, quiet, and avoid panic.