Snack and Lunch Policy

Allenby is a peanut and nut-aware school. Please be considerate of students and staff with life-threatening allergies and do not send nuts or nut products to school.

Classroom Snacks

Home baked goods for special occasions are not permitted for classrooms with students with anaphylaxis. Although the home-baked product itself may be free of allergens, the kitchen in which it was baked may not be. Parents who are wishing to bring in treats for the class are asked to kindly contact the parents of anaphylactic children for information regarding appropriate vendors who sell food items free of allergens. We thank you for your understanding and collective efforts in ensuring the health and safety of all of our Allenby students.

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Anaphylaxis Policy

Some students at Allenby have serious or life-threatening allergies. For this reason, we ask that you observe the following procedures:

  • Do not send snacks or lunches with your child that contain nuts or nut products.  Some classes may have students with other life-threatening allergies.  Please respect the policies as set forth in these classrooms.
  • Do not send peanut butter or products containing peanut oil.
  • Please read ingredient labels carefully. Some muffins, granola bars, cereal, or other food may contain “hidden” peanuts or nuts.
  • Speak with your child about not sharing his/her snack or lunch with other students.
  • Encourage your child to wash his/her hands after each meal to reduce the chance of spreading nut residue. The smallest amount of peanut/nut protein can be deadly to an allergic child.

Sabrina’s law is a Bill that was put in place after Sabrina Shannon died tragically from an anaphylactic (allergic) reaction. The Bill requires schools to have an anaphylaxis policy, to reduce allergen exposure and to train all staff in the use of an auto-injector.  We take Sabrina’s law very seriously. For more information on Sabrina’s law, review Allenby’s anaphylaxis policy. We appreciate your effort to help us make school safe for students with life-threatening allergies.

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Eating Lunch at Allenby

Students are encouraged to eat lunch at home whenever possible. If students choose to eat lunch at school, their parent(s) or guardian must sign and return a lunch room permission form to the office. For the safety of our children, the office must know whether your child will be at school for lunch on any given day.

Boomerang Lunch

At Allenby we have instituted a Boomerang Lunch — everything that comes from home in the morning, goes back home in the afternoon. The only exception is for recyclables (e.g., juice boxes, cans, milk cartons, and bottles). While Boomerang lunch does not necessarily change the amount of garbage produced, it does give each family the opportunity to see how much waste their lunches generate and to decide how to address it in a way that fits their values and lifestyle.

Lunch Bag Procedure

After eating, students place their lunch bags in a bin labelled with their classroom number. These bins are stored in the hall outside the lunch room until the end of the day and then brought to the classroom where children can retrieve them. Please label your child’s lunch bag.

Milk Purchase

Students may purchase white or chocolate milk in the lunch room. If you prefer to avoid sending change to school every day, you can also stock up on milk tickets. Tickets are purchased in the lunchroom at lunch time from the milk monitor.

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