Gardening and Outdoor Learning at Allenby

We have many exciting projects underway. Classrooms are getting involved in a variety of ways. Please read below to find out how you can get involved!

Water bottle Drive
We will re-use old plastic water bottle as aggregate at the bottom of our 6 new container gardens. This allows water to drain more effectively and reduced the amount of soil needed to fill the large containers. See the display outside the Library for more information.  Deadline: Wednesday, May 24.

Classroom Garden Plots and Containers
Classes and small groups of students are adopting small garden plots in the rooftop garden. Each of the 3 containers on the roof has it’s own focus; pollinators, edibles and experimental. In addition, we have six new containers coming soon to the front of the school. These have been funded by the City of Toronto’s Live green Grant and will contain only Native Species that thrive in the shade.

Plant Donations
Please consider our many garden spaces while gardening and shopping for plants this season. If you have a new or used plant to donate please label it (plant name, amount of sun, and perennial vs. annual) and bring it to the Library.

Summer Watering-Family Garden Sponsors
We need families to sign up for summer watering. Depending on the weather during the week you sign up it could be done daily during your week.  Please consider your summer schedule and contact Alanna Julian with your availability.   Deadline: Monday, June 12.

If your family has any connections to companies that create outdoor signage and may be able to offer services at a reduced rate please contact Alanna Julian.